The cute underwater creature-big-eyed octopus was called Adorabilis for the appearance

Here is unidentified water creature that lives at a depth of 1476 feet.

A small octopus found deep in the water is so charming that experts want to call it «Adorabilis»-an amazingly suitable name, given the shape of this little mollusk.

An unidentified water organism that lives at a depth of 1476 feet.

Moreover, this prompted experts from the Research Institute of Aquariums of Monterey Bay in California to think about giving him a name.

But the solution may be easier than they imagined, because one look at this magnificent little thing shows that this is the sweetest octopus in the world.

What can be a greater name than Adorabilis?

A small pinkish look is now known as an octopus.

But Stefani Bush, a researcher from the Institute of Monterey Bay Institute, believes that it should be called Opisthotheusis Adorabilis..

In addition, as soon as the photos of the recently discovered octopus appeared on the network, people fell in love with it.

And many of them treated its name just like the researchers who opened it.

Adorabilis seems directly from the collection of stories, with its huge puppy eyes, bright color and swimming fins on the wings.

I am sure that soon he will become a sweet cartoon character!

“I decided to call this animal Adorabilis because it is so magnificent», Stephanie Bush explained.

«I must be so serious», said the Stoic scientist. It’s just charming.

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