The discovered “alien” grew up to become a lovely creature

A wonderful and lovely creature

The truck driver temporarily halted the car at a parking lot while on duty in Namibia’s deserts. He got out of the car and started to look about when he suddenly noticed something bald, crawling, and immobile underneath the wheels. It barely groaned as the driver approached and attempted to touch it.

The creature was indeed bald, terrified, and clawed, much like an alien. The driver called a nearby wildlife shelter right away, and its personnel, led by Dr. Erica de Jager, responded by sending helpers.

The animal has been identified as a young aardvark; a charismatic animal found in the woodlands of Namibia.

Aardvarks eat on insects after they pierce the termite mounds’ claw barriers, therefore their strong claws are there to aid them in doing so.

Aardvarks are typically preyed upon by larger predators, but the small extraterrestrial was safe and sound inside the shelter.

After some time, he started to establish a decent appetite while being watched over by Erica and Zara, a shelter dog.

When the aardvark was old enough and strong enough, which was a few months ago, he was returned to his natural habitat.

Everything went fine, but after a while, he returned to the shelter to see Erica and the staff, and he still does it every season.

Kind acts are always rewarded.

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