The Dog gave up attempting to take the kitten’s spot back

The dog and the kitten

Try to picture a situation where a dog and cat are getting along rather than fighting. A frightening incident involving Bailey, a golden retriever, occurred. He recently noticed a kitty had occupied his cozy bed.

He is a solid and almighty dog, but he was puzzled at a sight like this and he didn’t know what to do. Soon enough, he realized that the little intruder didn’t have intentions to leave his place.

The first thing Bailey wanted to do was bark and pace around the bed. But it had no effect. The kitten was unbreakable, so his next step was to carefully drive it toward him by biting the edge of the bed. The cat was contently lounging inside the dog’s cushion.

However, the retriever gave up when he grew weary and just accepted his defeat. The cat joined him on the premises after he seated himself coolly.

After the fight, the two of them became friends and enjoyed their time in bed together.

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