The filthy, hairy dog transformed into a gorgeous, pleasant pet

The dog transformed into a gorgeous pet

It’s incredibly amazing how baby Ellie Mae was saved. It all began when an extremely filthy, hairy animal was brought to the vet office because she was completely immobile. The type of animal in front of the vets was not even immediately apparent at first glance. The professionals identified the animal as a dog after a careful examination, but they were unable to thoroughly check her without a haircut.

The past of Ellie Mae turned out to be somewhat depressing. The dog’s owner was a solitary elderly woman. Her residence was abandoned for a very long period after she passed away. Ellie Mae was apparently hidden somewhere, but it seems that the lady’s family was unaware that she had a pet.

Another unsolved enigma was how the poor abandoned animal managed to survive for several months. Ellie Mae’s claws and matted hair had gotten so big by the time she was found that they prevented any mobility.

The animal was saved by veterinarians and groomers working together. The massive mound of matted wool required several hours of labour to clear. And after a difficult process, it was discovered that it contained up to 5 kilogrammes of wool, although only weighing 4 kg itself!

Although the infant still required treatment for infections and tiredness, she showed that she was a tremendous fighter.


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