The Georgian found the missing dog after three years of searching, and when he did, the dog jumped and whined with joy

The man eventually found the dog after three years of searching

Georgy Beresiani, a 62-year-old Georgian, lost his cherished dog, Georgie, in 2015.

A white dog with black patches and a cut tail became disoriented while out for a walk in one of Tbilisi’s roads.

Georgy Beresiani has spent the last three years looking for the missing animal since that time. He physically walked the neighborhoods and placed ads, but the dog vanished without a trace.

He received calls from the number mentioned in the advertisements many times, but every time it was a different dog.

But Beresiani got a call from a woman who was employed by the Opera and Ballet Theater at the start of October 2018. She informed him that a dog matching that description had been sighted on Rustaveli Street, and he jumped on a bus and headed that way right away.

He made a small amount of sidewalk movement. later, he noticed a dog curled up next to a tree and knew it was Georgie. A heartwarming video of a man and dog reuniting after three years apart was later uploaded to YouTube and won over hundreds of viewers.

Georgie, are you there? You are it, Georgie! Oh my beloved boy!” the man enthusiastically cries as the dog runs over to him while whining and waving his tail.

Georgie is circling her owner while jumping up and licking his face. He was also really missing me. He was neutered and marked as a non-aggressive stray dog because of the yellow tag on one of his ears, which indicates that he was found by animal rights activists.

Georgie was then transported to Beresiani’s house, where she met other relatives and was overjoyed to see them.

And after being let loose in the yard, he started to jump around and bark excitedly, getting acquainted with the areas where he had previously gone for walks.

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