The good-natured feline was delivering flowers to her neighbours

A cat delivered flowers to her neighbours

Willow, a remarkable and amiable cat, delights her neighbours on a regular basis by delivering freshly picked flowers to their porches.

A woman by the name of Rosie claims that while the cat lives in the home next door, she frequently enters their property and carries tiny pink blossoms in her jaws.

Rosie initially attempted to shut the back door, but Willow would wait underneath it and meow until someone opened it for her.

And from what Rosie could gather, this occurs in every home in the area. They’ve grown accustomed to the cat over time, so they specifically set up a box near the back entrance where the cat may rest. There is usually a dish of water and food available for her as well.

The willow is a remarkable creature. She is incredibly friendly and loving to everyone in the neighbourhood. Her lovely habit constantly makes others feel joyful and delightful.

Without a doubt, Willow considers everyone in her vicinity to be her masters. She enjoys visiting their homes and will even lie on the couch without any awkwardness.

Having a pet like her, who walks around constantly and cheers up her environment, is incredibly great.


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