The head of a small seal that was trapped in the rocks came out to signal for aid

Little and cute seal

This adorable newborn seal was spotted peeking her head out of her hole last week by beachgoers at St. Mary’s Island in Wheatley Bay, North Tyneside, England. They initially believed she was fine and was only taking a break on the rocks. It soon became clear, though, that she was unable to escape because she was wedged between the boulders.

They immediately informed the St. Mary’s Marine Guard, and volunteers from the environmental group sprang to her assistance. The volunteers believed the seal was unable to cross the rocks when they arrived on the scene.

St. Mary’s Seal Watch posted on Facebook that “usually when seals become caught, they manage to get out, but this poor guy was really stranded.”

The seal pup watched intently as volunteers and rescuers collaborated to try to assist him. They finally succeeded in removing her from the burrow and carrying her to safety thanks to their prior familiarity with such circumstances.

To release the strain and prevent her from biting, they covered her face with a handkerchief. The rescuers wrote, “We couldn’t pull her out quickly away because it could have harmed the seal or ourselves.”

Thankfully, there were no injuries to the seal. In turn, the rescuers quickly checked her to make sure she wasn’t gravely hurt. They brought her back to the sea after everything was in order.

Thanks to volunteers’ presence and early discovery of the youngster, the rescuers were able to act immediately to save her.

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