The kind boy left a note with his pit bull in front of the shelter

The boy left a note

The brave child performed an amazing deed by leaving his dog in front of the shelter so that he would be safe.

The personnel of the shelter discovered a box outdoors and were shocked to see a little pit bull inside. They took him without hesitation, and subsequently the entire situation became evident.

The sad dog was abandoned there with a note from a 12-year-old boy. The young child hoped that the personnel at the shelter would be able to save and console his beloved cat. His father was always abusing the poor dog and was very aggressive. The best course of action was to transport the cute creature to the facility where he would be in good hands.

The staff was all in tears since the letter was so heartfelt. They made an effort to provide the animal with the warmth and attention the youngster had requested.

They search for a permanent home where the adorable animal can live happily and fully.

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