The kittens were born with a rare defect, but it doesn’t bother them because they are happy and active

The kittens had a rare defect, but they are happy and active

Meet Frog and Newt, two amazing little animals who were born with a unique anomaly. They have no hind legs.

Despite their disability, they have adapted to walk and move appropriately on their front legs with the assistance of their tails to preserve their balance.

These strange little animals were born in Liverpool (UK). Their owner wanted to find a new loving family for the two, so he posted their photos on the Internet in the hopes of finding such a warm and loving person who could look after them.

As a consequence, his hopes were realised. When volunteers from Rescue Me Animal Sanctuary saw the images, they made the decision without hesitation to take the baby animals and care for them themselves.

Since then, Frog and Newt have been living in the sanctuary, where vets have noticed their unusual behaviour and asserted that they had never met such unique cats in the UK before. This was a one-of-a-kind situation. Their unique characteristic is thought to be the consequence of hybridization, which means that their parents were close relatives.

However, their physical condition does not prevent them from being athletic and energetic. They can simply walk, run, and even jump on the sofa.

The sweet animals and their demeanour are now the focus of intense scrutiny. It is presumed that they will remain in the shelter if they are unable to find a permanent home. And as they get older, they may need special strollers to get around because their weight makes it difficult for them to move usually. We hope they will be able to persevere in their tough way of life and find happiness.

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