The largest cat in New York, which is over a meter long and about 13 kilograms in weight

The biggest cat in New York

Samson, a magnificent Maine Coon that weighs 12.7 kg and is readily categorized as a dog, is shown here.

This enormous creature, which resembles a lynx more, is 1.22 meters long and holds the record for being New York’s biggest cat.

The current Guinness World Record holder, who was 1.23 meters long and died in 2013, was set in 2013. Therefore, there is a good likelihood that the lovely creature will set a new record!

Samson is in excellent shape despite his remarkable size!

He is simply a robust and powerful cat; he does not have excess fat or suffer from being overweight.

Samson is a very sweet, loyal, and fluffy cat that is totally deserving of the moniker “gentle giant.” He has excellent manners and is quite amiable and affectionate.

He is the dream cat, without a doubt.

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