The lonely kitten is already happy because this kind couple found him and could not leave him alone

When they approached the trees, their attention was attracted by an orange cat.

Olivia and her companion headed for Elafonissi, Crete, Greece, when they had an unusual meeting near Kissamos.

When they approached a series of olive trees, their attention was attracted by a small orange cat.

«Look, there is a small cat», exclaimed my companion.

He was about four weeks, and he was sitting alone on the sidelines of the road, Olivia collaborated with the news.

The kitten was leather and bones and nodded fleas.

He was cheerful and immediately chatted with a couple, and he stepped on their feet.

«He allowed me to take him because he knew that we would be there to help him».

The kitten was not at home, and he needed medical care.

The couple could not miss the idea to leave him alone with them, so they decided to save him.

A small baby penetrated their hearts before they realized it.

Kiss was beside himself with joy, which was far from the tour and in the arms of his fans.

He was all clean, and his stomach was finally full.

Tina, a local animal rescuer, offered to shelter the dog until the couple returned from the trip.

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