The man decided to build a house for his cats, and it turned out to be real mansion

H house for the cats

Rob Kutu, an American, made the independent decision to build homes for his cats. What you will see now will shock you much if you relate the phrase “houses for cats” with tiny booths! It is unbelievable to see what a luxurious castle it became!

Even though there is a bridge connecting them, the cats have quite magnificent residences.

The man first created a 3D model of the building.

Then he used the tree to construct a portion of the first house.

Rob used a 3D printer to build the windows while an unique coating was used to create the house’s floor.

How cute, pay attention to the details!

There are even lanterns and flower pots.

The second house also ended up being fantastic.

Here is the stunning outcome!

The neighborhood residents are overjoyed!

If your willingness to sacrifice for a cat is any indication of how much you love it, Rob certainly has a deep affection for them.

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