The Nagaland highlands were the site of the spectacular, rare clouded panther

A rare clouded panther

Nature never ceases to astound us with its amazing, wonderful species that are found all over the world. One of them is the clouded panther, which is incredibly uncommon and lovely in appearance. It is listed as an endangered species in the Red Book.

But this amazing and lovely creature was discovered, particularly in the Nagaland highlands, on the border between India and Myanmar. The highest location where jaguars have been seen is 3700 metres, when the clouded panther was discovered.

Though they are uncommon, a research team of experts has found that this elusive species of wild cats may reside in those mountainous regions. They are truly magnificent and regal. These creatures enjoy exploring the trees.

The workers set up about 50 video traps near where the panther was spotted. Cameras captured images of two cubs and at least two adults. Additionally, other members of that family were spotted in several mountainous regions.

The local government will be able to develop a variety of suggestions for expanding their natural habitat with the aid of the information that has been acquired.

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