The new baby elephant, who had been saved by the rescue team, was warmly greeted by the elephant herd

A baby elephant

Elephants are said to be intelligent, social creatures. They show loving and sympathetic thoughts toward every member of their group and are excellent family defenders. This heartwarming tale of a community that embraced an orphaned and rescued young elephant demonstrates the goodness and gentleness of animals.

At the age of nine weeks, Baby Dock was lost in the woods when the rescuers from Elephant Nature Park discovered him and brought him to their facility. The staff sent the unfortunate creature to a rehab centre because he couldn’t have survived in the wild without his mother and was in such bad shape.

Dock was afraid and perplexed. He required affection and proper care because he was so little. Therefore, the staff did everything they could to ensure that he felt great and recovered as quickly as possible. The rescuers were concerned about how the herd of elephnats would respond when they introduced the new member when it was time to transport him to the facility. And they were delighted to see how hospitable and kind they were to him.

As soon as they spotted Dock, they hurried to give him a warm greeting. They approach and try to reach the small elephant with their trunks even though he is in a cage, displaying their joy and kindness in this way. They were showing him support and letting him know he wasn’t alone.

The herd, who were overjoyed to welcome the newest member of their extended family, performed this amazing deed.

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