The only albino dolphin in the Eastern Pacific has returned, and it’s difficult to believe it’s real

Wonderful albino dolphin

Casper was first seen with his mom in Monterey Bay in 2015. The dolphin was completely white, with only wrinkles visible on its body. White in dolphins is regarded a mutation, and there are only a few white dolphins in the globe.

Casper has been absent from the image since 2015. However, the reality that he has resurfaced in Monterey Bay is good news for animal proponents.

They point out that the white dolphin is highly susceptible in the wild due to its colouring. It’s too visible and could become easy prey for other predators.

Casper can be identified by his freckles — small spots on his body. Experts think this dolphin has albinism, which means he lacks colourant cells in his body.

Just about all pics of Casper show him with his eyes closed, raising the possibility that he, like many albinos, suffers from photophobia. As a result, he very seldom opens his eyes on the outside.

This dolphin is now the only albino in the entire Eastern Pacific.

And if it is not part of a herd, let alone a huge one, it is the first prey for predatory animals.

However, as the department staff discovered, there is nothing wrong with this dolphin. He appears in good health.

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