The pair initially believed they had purchased a miniature pig, but they were in for a huge shock

They thought it is a small pig, but it is not so

A married couple wanted a special pet, and they considered getting a tiny pig. However, there were «a little bit» unrealistic attitudes. The tiny creature turned out to be a common one. And after two years, he gained 300 kg. Consider how the owners will respond as well! They were so astonished and perplexed. They didn’t reject him, though, and kept him as a pet. They gave her the name Esther and were delighted to welcome such a wonderful creature into their home.

The couple has come to understand that these creatures are intelligent and sociable throughout the years. They exhibit canine-like intelligence and friendliness. They are actually lot cleaner than many other animals, which is even more intriguing. Furthermore, they discovered how intelligent and amiable these animals are.

The family now has a lovely, happy life with their extraordinary pig. The owners even changed their diets to vegetarianism after seeing such an amazing creature! Esther has an own Instagram page where she posts lovely and affectionate images. More than 500,000 people have started following her. It’s very lovely to watch her and her family having such a great time and enjoying one other’s company.

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