The penguin goes thousands of kilometres annually to meet his saviour as a sign of their friendship

The penguin and his saviour

A frail and feeble penguin was reportedly discovered on the beach by a 71-year-old fisherman named Joo Pereira de Souz. The miserable bird appeared to have hit an oil slick and was struggling to breathe. He had a dark liquid all over him. The kind man was forced to take the helpless critter to his home and take care of him. Dindim (as the man called the sweet one) was released back into his native area once he had fully recovered. The fisherman then went back to living his regular life.

But what a shock it was when, a few months later, he saw an adult Dindim in front of his house once more! When the penguin recovered his full health, he went back to thank his rescuer.

Dindim now visits his companion every year from June to February, spends time with him, and then returns to his natural environment. It is quite surprising to read that this cute animal remembered the person who saved him and came to express his gratitude to him.

Except for his pal, the cute creature doesn’t let anyone get close to him. He has his whole trust, and he adores being in his arms. The man is his best friend, in his opinion. The bird moves his tail and cries out in joy like a dog, which makes it even more wonderful when he sees his rescuer.

To spend the next 8 to 9 months with his saviour, he travels hundreds of kilometres to Brazil. What a powerful bond may develop between a person and an animal!

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