The photographer was so near to the beautiful rhino that all he wanted was to be stroked by her

A photographer and a beautiful rhino

It is unarguable that wildlife photography is a fascinating and difficult job. He may encounter several animals that are quite harmful to him, but being so near to them is an amazing experience for wildlife enthusiasts.

In order to create a video on rhinos, photographer Gareth de Brun Texas travelled to South Africa in this manner. And he had a wonderful encounter with a beautiful rhino.

The man was initially startled and rendered immobile, but he soon realised that the enormous beast was only trying to protect him. Gareth came so near to taking amazing pictures, and that was what was most intriguing! The young animal made a gentle approach and signalled to him that he desired to be rubbed.

For the videographer, who had never experienced such warm and pleasant emotions, it was an extraordinary moment. The man didn’t move to avoid upsetting the beast, despite the fact that it was terrible and perilous for him.

He published it on his Instagram page after photographing the magnificent moment of their embrace. He would always grin and be happy to think back on this case because it was so memorable.

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