The public is invited to unify through music by a huge sculpture of a fragmented woman

Amazing artwork of woman

Daniel Popper Sculpture at EDC Las Vegas

Daniel Popper is a South African-born sculptor who is renowned for his enormous, fanciful works. His enormous artworks, which frequently explore themes of human connection, are instantly recognisable. Popper frequently exhibits his work at music and art events, and in 2019 he made an amazing entrance for EDC Las Vegas.

A just over 24 feet tall, the piece is called Chasm and depicts a woman’s head and bust gradually disintegrating. Steel rods connected the sides of her face, and an archway cut out of her bust led guests into the Nomad’s Land section of EDC 2020. Graffiti added to the statue was created by the sculptor A-A-Ron and his team.

The biggest electronic dance event in North America is called EDC, or the Electric Daisy Festival. EDC, a yearly event held in the Las Vegas Speedway, is renowned for its fantastic music as well as its imaginative and eye-catching art works. Some designers might find it intimidating to design the ideal entryway into the fantastical world of EDC, but Popper was up to the task. The environment appears to be under the sway of the massive magnificence, which is made even more spectacular by the performance illumination.

Current societal cracks served as the piece’s inspiration. In reality, the sculpture’s name, Chasm, was inspired by the word’s importance. According to Popper, “Chasm, a profound split in the soil or rock, stands as a post-apocalyptic memorial, reflecting the schism in our shattered civilization, practically torn away.” It highlights the stark disparities in opinions, feelings, and people while being connected despite appearing to be only by thin metal threads.

It’s almost possible to compare the rods holding the woman’s face together around the insignificant things, like music, that unite different societal groups. It seems to be an appropriate statement for a gathering like EDC Las Vegas, which is all about togetherness.

When EDC Las Vegas comes back, from May 20 to May 22, 2022, celebration will still be able to fully enjoy Chasm since it is still standing tall. Additionally, Popper’s magnificent sculptures at the Morton Arboretum will remain on display until 2023 if you want to see more of his work.

At EDC Las Vegas, there is a 24-foot-tall artwork by Daniel Popper called Chasm.

Daniel Popper Sculpture at EDC Las VegasEntry to Nomad's Land at EDC Las Vegas

The amazing structure is located at the entrance to the electronic music show’s Nomad’s Land section.

Daniel Popper's Chasm Sculpture at NightEntry to Nomad's Land at EDC Las Vegas

The massive piece serves as a metaphor for societal cracks and the insignificant methods that we continue to be connected.

Entry to Nomad's Land at EDC Las VegasDaniel Popper's Chasm Sculpture Lit Up at Night

Chasm is made even more impressive by the show’s lighting.

Daniel Popper Sculpture at Electric Daisy Carnival in VegasDaniel Popper Sculpture at Electric Daisy Carnival in VegasDaniel Popper Sculpture at Electric Daisy Carnival in Vegas


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