The reason the lost dog was able to find his family again was because he heard them on TV

The lost dog found his family again

After hearing his family on television, a lost dog eventually made his way home. Although it’s true that dogs rarely appear interested in following the news, this particular dog was adopted because of his love of television.

In Missouri, USA, near the beginning of September 2015, a dog named Tabitha and her Alzheimer’s-stricken owner Alfred Schaefer left their home in Kansas City.

Kelly Schaefer, the wife of Alfred Schaefer, searched for them but only discovered Alfred; Tabitha was nowhere to be seen.

They put up posters all throughout the neighborhood in an effort to find any clues as to where their 5-year-old dog might have ended up after going missing.

The Schaefers were unaware that Tabitha had been saved at the time by a family looking to find the dog’s real family. Tabitha was in fact unharmed.

However, Kelly and her husband might never have crossed paths if it weren’t for FOX4, which ran a story on their arduous search for Tabitha a few days later.

They were unaware that Tabitha, the young girl being rescued, was watching the news with them. The local television news that day, particularly the story of her own kidnapping, piqued the dog’s interest.

Tabitha was thrilled when Kelly and Alfred appeared on television. She called the dog by her name, and the dog’s response led her to believe that the dog’s name was Tabitha.

The family immediately contacted to say they had spotted Tabitha after waiting for around ten minutes. When her tail started to wag and she got energetic, the people who were in custody of her discovered she was Tabitha. Ten minutes later, we got a call saying they had it, Kelly continued.

Kelly continued, “We had severe concerns. We are thrilled to see her back.

It seems Tabitha likes to watch television and has a particular interest in that “gadget,” which undoubtedly played a big part in her decision to go back home.

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