The rescued cat addresses his human mother by saying “mama”

The rescued cat said “mama”

Brenda was a woman who was constantly looking for a devoted animal to live with her. She got in touch with a shelter for animals because she wanted to adopt a cat. She was informed that there were two black lovely cats that were still available. When she saw the cats’ endearing faces, she went right away and brought them home.

Bart and Milhouse, the two cute cats, are brothers who were raised on the streets. Even though they look similar, their natures are more dissimilar. Milhouse is quiet and slow, while Bart is energetic and playful. But they both have such sweet and endearing personalities.

Bart is also a talker. He enjoys calling his human mother “mama,” especially when he is hungry. Milhouse enjoys watching the skies and flying birds from a window seat.

Brenda took a video of these two sweet cats including the moments when Bart says the word «mama». It is so wonderful!

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