The sad cat and her young were rescued from their difficult situation

The cat and her kittens were saved

A homeless cat and her newborn kittens were seen in the street in a Brooklyn (New York) courtyard. A neighbourhood person claimed to have seen the cat and that there had initially been five kittens, but that two of them had mysteriously perished just after delivery. The cat then relocated the three remaining kittens to a more secure location beneath the old planks.

The man approached the humanitarian society “Flatbush Animals,” which works to assist local homeless cats, because it was extremely risky and difficult for the mom and her young children to remain in the street. The mother cat and her kittens were taken to the shelter, where they received the necessary care.

It was later discovered that the kittens had medical issues that could have killed them, but aid had arrived in time. All three of them suffered respiratory tract infections that required medical intervention to be treated.

The staff’s care and medical treatment soon caused the kittens to grow quickly; by 4 weeks old, they were already racing about. The tiny animals started being socialised and were getting ready for adoption.

The kittens will locate their owners when they are older. With the arrival of the cat mom, everything become more complex. She was too ferocious and hostile to live in a home with people, and the local shelter’s options were equally restricted.

The cat would be sterilised and then returned to its original location, where it would be closely watched, fed, and cared for as necessary. That good neighbour who originally phoned the humane society will continue to take care of the cat.

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