The sad dog was discovered abandoned and trapped in the attic

A sad dog

One day, Lassell received a call from her sister-in-law informing her of a tragic incident. When the woman decided to clean the entire house, she discovered a dog in the attic that was imprisoned and in a poor condition.

The dog was emaciated and frail. They had no idea how long he had been there in such a terrible condition and he was starving to death.

Lassel made the choice to take the dog without second thought. She gave him a tour of her home and grew to love him. She fed, washed, and warmed him. She then took him to the veterinarian, where it was discovered that the poor animal had broken his leg and required surgery. But despite the suffering, the dog brought people joy and affection. He was really kind and always had a smile for everyone.

Lassell was smitten with him from the beginning. Her son’s name was Remi. She gave him a tender and loving nursing. The skeletal pet soon developed into a gorgeous guy. He recovered his health and power.

He now resides with the woman’s family, where he gets along swimmingly with her four children and another canine. They are always paired up. Together, they enjoy fun, play, and sleep. Remi adores the children and spends all of his time with them.

Remi and his companion animal are regarded as valued members of the entire family. They complete them and foster a kind, loving environment.


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