The saved gorilla started to feel at ease and happy with his rescuer

A gorilla and his owner

Bobga, the infant gorilla, had a very difficult life. When he lost his parents, he was only a few weeks old and appeared to be in dreadful shape. Fortunately, the Limbe Wildlife Center was able to save and quickly transport the anxious and perplexed animal. He had a terrible relationship with humans; therefore, he didn’t trust them.

But the kind personnel did their utmost to give the poor critter a sense of security and safety in his new home. Alvin, one of the volunteers in particular, quickly became Bobga’s closest buddy. He was surprised to see how affectionate and considerate Alvi was when he approached him. After then, they had a close relationship.

With his caretaker, Bobga felt wonderful, refreshed, and very grateful for all the affection that was shown to him. The defenceless creature has at last found a trustworthy companion. With him, he feels secure and content.

During the two’s delightful time together, the crew took some amazing pictures of them. They interact through games, hugs, and even slumber. Alvi supports him throughout his recovery process, which entails teaching him how to play, climb trees, and perform other fun activities.

Alvi has devoted his time to the little creature, giving him a second chance to live well and take pleasure in the attention and love he receives. It is wonderful to have a friend as gorgeous as him.

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