The sculptures of Urs Fischer are like candles that gradually burn out over time

Fischer’s sculptures are like candles

Urs Fischer Untitled at the Bourse de Commerce

With his display of melting wax figurines at the Venice Biennale in 2011, Swiss artist Urs Fischer practically set the art place on fire. At the Bourse de Commerce, his melting statues are currently on display once more. The Pinault Collection, which looks after French tycoon François Pinault’s art gallery, has just launched a new gallery in Paris. In what was formerly a location to discuss the sale of grain and other items, Fischer’s work Untitled has found a new home.

The tremendous heights of the Rotunda were accommodated in Fischer’s work, which also included a painstaking replica of Giambologna’s statue Abduction of the Sabine Women from the late 16th century. Tadao Ando, a renowned Japanese designer, recently renovated this building’s main point. Many chairs surround Fischer’s artwork, and an interested onlooker is taking it all in. All appears to be normal until you realise that these statues are candles, not your typical artwork.

Actually, the spectator is an effigy of Fischer’s friend and fellow artist Rudolf Stingel. African stools, a lawn chair made from plastic, an office chair, and an aeroplane seat are among the many different styles represented by the chairs. According to the collections, “all of the chair’s discourse with the symbology of the substantial camouflaged painting on the dome above.” They “answer to depictions of transcontinental trade and business in the late 19th century, defined by coloniality and pop culture,” as they are signs of current globalisation.

Every candle is ignited at the start of the project. They are then permitted to burn for however long the wick lasts. As each item gradually disappears, the artwork changes in a way that resembles a show. As every artwork advances toward its inevitable decomposition, it is a fascinating study on the passing of time. As a kind of remembrance mori, the artwork changes over time from realism to abstract. The piece has a sombre side, but it’s also a lot of fun to see. The wicks are ignited now, and until December 31, 2021, the complete placement its liquid stays be on display.

The monuments that Urs Fischer makes are basically enormous wax candles.

Urs Fischer Untitled at the Bourse de CommerceMelting Sculpture by Urs FischerUrs Fischer Untitled at the Bourse de Commerce

For the Bourse de Trade exhibit at the Pinault Gallery, he rebuilt his well-known 2011 piece.

Urs Fischer Untitled at the Bourse de Commerce

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