The small puppy never ceases expressing gratitude to the rescuer

Wonderful small puppy

Like most dogs, Penny was delighted to leave the shelter and made sure to express her gratitude to her saviour.

Leah Domingo was supposed to go to the Augusta Animal Services facility in Georgia on Monday on behalf of The Pixel Fund canine rescue group to rescue Petey, a pit bull. Domingo was requested to support saving Penny, a one-year-old corgi crossbreed, by Deborah Kirkland, executive director of the Pixel Foundation in Georgia.

Domingo stated, “She [Kirkland] had heard that there was a dog named Penny with a damaged eye, and none of the neighbourhood rescues were interested in assisting her.”

Domingo gave her instant approval and proceeded to see Penny as soon as she arrived at the shelter.

Her fear and lack of openness when I first saw her caused my heart to break, said Domingo. She was quite anxious. She refused to even look at me on the first day. She simply backed down.

Domingo loaded both dogs into the car and drove an hour and a half to Sparta, Georgia, where he was to meet Didi Nistre, another volunteer who was meant to assist her. She had to be returned, though, because Petey’s family had already made arrangements to pick up their dog from the shelter, and the shelter called Domingo to ask her to return.

When Domingo called Kirkland, he promised to put Petey and Penny to a shelter for just one night. The following day, Domingo would have only needed to make one trip to Sparta rather than two if Petey’s family hadn’t arrived.

Penny followed her word, and although Domingo hated to leave her there, she did.

I gave her a kiss and said, “Don’t worry, Penny.” You can count on our return. We won’t disappoint you. I guarantee it,” Domingo replied.

Petey’s family arrived to bring her up, but Penny remained alone, so Domingo returned the following day to get her. The little dog could hardly contain his enthusiasm as Domingo walked up to her kennel.

She was a completely different dog, Domingo said. She only wanted to give me a hug. Her tail was even wagging. Oh, you remember me, of course it’s me, I replied.

Penny tried to hug Domingo when they were in his car. She thrust herself into his arms.

She encircled me in her tiny arms and wouldn’t let go. Domingo asserted that she at last understood that she was secure.

Domingo cried, saying, “I was.” When a dog has your whole trust, it just melts your heart.

Throughout the journey to Sparta, Penny couldn’t help but want to hug everyone.

She was whimpering and I had to drive with one hand because it seemed like she was saying, “Pet me, pat me.” said Domingo.

Penny Nystrom was promptly taken to the veterinarian when Domingo turned over management of her as they arrived in Sparta. In addition to the little dog’s injured eye, a heartworm infection was discovered.

In all other respects, Penny is doing well, and as soon as she is recovered and stronger, she could be adopted. Chloe Olivia is now her full name.

It was extremely fantastic, said Domingo. She achieved independence.

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