The squirrel visited the woman’s home and offered her support as she dealt with the death of her pet

The squirrel visited the woman’s home

Those who own pets are aware of how quickly they blend in as loving members of the family. And when they leave us, it’s tragic.

Recently, Michelle Bourleson suffered a devastating loss. Due to his advanced age and severe illness, her beloved dog was unable to receive the required care, and he had to be put to sleep.

When she returned home from work one day, she heard a soft knock on the window and saw a small squirrel.

The animal had scraggly hair and was quite skinny. The squirrel eagerly accepted the nuts Michelle supplied. He returned the following day.

They gradually developed a reliable connection, and the squirrel started to appear twice daily.

The squirrel was given the name Stymie by Michelle. And as a new companion arrived, the sadness started to wane. Michelle shared this amusing tale on her Instagram.

Michelle was no longer a threat to Stymie, who was consuming the nuts directly off her hands. She even entered the house after a while and thought it was okay. Later, she dozed off on Michelle’s lap after first dozing off on the couch. He has in fact been instrumental in helping Michelle get through her grief.

Michelle moved a few months after starting her own business and opening it, but Stymie kept paying visits to the new residents. They were also overjoyed to meet and take care of their wild pet.

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