The tale of an ostrich and an orphan elephant who become friends. Every day they embrace!

An ostrich and an orphan elephant become friends

Only one month had passed since the elephant’s birth when tragedy struck. The herd withdrew after the baby fell into a well and the elephants were unable to save him.

The infant was saved by David Shelldrick, who gave him the name Jotto and took him to the Kenya Animal Shelter.

In order to assist the infant, the guy sent him to the Kenyan shelter.

There, the abandoned infant met Pea, an ostrich. The animals later developed into family and companions. Ostriches are viewed as stupid birds, but Pea doesn’t fit the stereotype when it comes to care and attention. People of intelligence should set an example since there is so much love, tenderness, and concern!

The two are now inseparable. Together, they stroll, rest, and sleep.

Incredible friendship.

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