The unusual cub that the dog delivered was not a puppy

An amazing and unusual cub

If you own a dog, you are well aware of how your four-legged companion enjoys bringing home virtually anything they discover on the streets, whether it be a pair of slippers, a stick, or a piece of newspaper.

But this dog astonished its owners by bringing a living thing.

The dog gave its owners a cub of an inexplicable animal sometime in February.

It was determined after speaking with the vet that it was a young bear cub. The US Wildlife Service was contacted by the people to take care of the animal.

Examination revealed that the cub is basically healthy despite being terribly underweight and severely dehydrated.

The black bear cub was bottle-fed continuously by the veterinarians until he started to gain weight and was returned to his foster mother, who took him in as her own.

So, the dog actually prevented the death of this young cub.

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