The woman was horrified to discover a large seal sunbathing in her yard

A large seal sunbathing

One morning when Ann Page, a retired woman, stepped outside, she was startled to notice an unusual visitor in her yard.

A huge seal suddenly came in the lawn and began taking a relaxing and wonderful sunbath. Ann didn’t trust what she saw! She was astounded by the confident animal who ignored her and was having a good time.

The lady resided in Lincolnshire, which was more than 20 miles inland. Therefore, the way the wonderful monster appeared in her home was incredibly intriguing and astonishing.

The Animal Preservation Center and the police were both contacted by Ann’s son. Martin G., a police officer, and the center’s employees showed up and got to work. Martin claimed that because the seal was so large and heavy, it was challenging to carry it into the van.

Everyone had a fun and enjoyable experience. They will all never forget this gorgeous case.

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