The woman’s life was changed after adopting a judgmental Chihuahua

A judgmental Chihuahua

Tracy always had a soft spot for animals and cared deeply for her pets. The small Chihuahua Tina was her favorite of the group. Every free moment of the day would be spent together.

The Chihuahua would leap across the room in ecstasy when Tracy returned after being gone for thirty seconds. After Tina just lost her cherished dog, Tracy and Tina grew close. The small chihuahua was Tracy’s biggest supporter in overcoming her sadness at the time.

Tracey also owned a German Shepherd and a Labrador in addition to Tina. When Tina first encountered Tracy, she was curled up in her tiny bed, her paws crossed, and all she did was squint at her. She sounded as though she was evaluating her. Immediately Tracy fell in love with Tina. While she was traveling home, she would hold her in her arms the entire time. The two dogs and Tina got along well right away.

And Tracy would frequently talk to Tina about her former dog.

Tina would sit on Tracy’s knee as she played music; Tracy was a singer and songwriter. Tracy found this to be endearing because her last dog had done the same thing.

Tina has been a member of the family for around three years. She could rat nonstop and liked going on rides. With her pranks and charm, Tina made everyone chuckle.

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