These dogs, who had a troubled past, have now been reunited

Reunited dogs

Before they met, Caesar and Saskia lived in separate homes in the Blikkiesdorp township in Cape Town, South Africa. Both humans and animals in Blikkiesdorp struggle with daily challenges.

Homes made of scrap metal, old tyres, and scrap wood are inhabited by some of Cape Town’s poorest citizens there.

Only one sink and one toilet are available for every eight families, and there are no social services.

Blikkiesdorp is one of the riskiest neighbourhoods in Cape Town due to the high gang violence there.

In response to the animal suffering they witnessed at Blikkiesdorp, Rosie Künneke, Dinielle Stöckigt, and Clarina Hanekom decided to take action and establish Tin Can Town, a charity that helps both people and animals.

At Blikkiesdorp, a team of volunteers, including Rosie, Dinielle, and Clarina, spend days castrating and sterilising animals in addition to giving them food and medical attention.

In addition, they are accessible 24/7 to help any animal in need.

They found a couple and an old dog named Caesar who lived in a cabin together. Rosie began to frequently drop over to say hello once she met Caesar. Cesar allegedly would flee if he heard our car, according to Rosie.

Caesar’s carers separated, but he kept the woman since, in Rosie’s perspective, she didn’t take care of the dog well. Things went from bad to worse for him when the kids began hurling stones at him.

When we found him, he had a few head wounds, but the worst was to his nose, says Rosie. The bleeding from his nose must have been severe because it persisted for days despite the veterinarian’s best efforts to stop it.

Just recently, Caesar turned ten. If he stayed at Blikkiesdrop any longer, Rosie thought he wouldn’t live another year. She pulled him out of Blikkiesdorp and put him in foster care while he recovered.

Clarina, meanwhile, learned that Saskia, a 4-month-old dog from the neighbourhood of Blikkiesdorp, needed help. Clarina took Saskia to the vet right away because she was critically underweight and having gastroenteritis.

When Clarina felt better, she tried to take Saskia back to her owners by going to the address they had given. When she got there and saw the place empty, she realised they had given her the wrong address and that they probably didn’t want to see Saskia again.

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