These pups were abandoned in a box as newborns, but someone intervened

Pups were abandoned in a box as newborns

In Florida, California, three precious little puppies were left in a box. Thankfully, a passing motorist saw the babies and saved them.

The person at the end of the street shockedly discovered the helpless puppies inside the parcel when he opened it to see what was inside and immediately dialed Lee County Domestic Animal Services.

One of the organization’s officers then took the three newborn puppies home so they could get the attention they needed for the rest of the weekend.

The South Florida shelter Big Hearts for Big Dogs Rescue (BHBD), which the officer was able to contact, took it upon themselves to find a foster home where the little dogs might find refuge.

When they are young, puppies require a lot of love, care, and attention, thus multiple foster homes decided to alternate taking care of them. Additionally, because of their fragility, the rescue team was worried that they wouldn’t receive the proper treatment.

The pups were around 9 days old, had not yet opened their eyes, and did not even know how to walk. It was obvious that the awful person who threw them out like garbage had no regard for their welfare.

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