They moved while their dog was chained up at home, but everything turned out well

Their dog was chained up at home, when they moved

When Patsy’s “family” left, they tied up their dog at home and abandoned her. Hope for Paws, a Los Angeles-based animal rescue organisation, received a call about Patsy’s situation while they were in Costa Rica.

Patsy was chained with a metal chain outside of her home and was waiting for someone to notice her once more when they arrived.

Eldad Agar, the creator of Hope for Paws, said:

She was by herself in that location. The hilltop neighbours heard her barking, and while pondering their next move, they fed and hydrated her.

They didn’t want to release her so they could watch as she ran away and was hit by a car.

As her rescuers walked up to her, Patsy smiled broadly and eagerly accepted the food they offered her.

Patsy couldn’t have been happier after being freed from that metal chain.

When Patsy had a flea and tick infection at the time, she was taken to Costa Rica Dog Rescue where she received treatment.

The following day, Patsy was examined by a nearby veterinarian who discovered that she had ehrlichiosis and was quite ill.

Ehrlichiosis is carried via ticks.

Patsy needed to go to the hospital right away, but she still wanted to play.

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