This adopted dog is terrified of everyone and everything until he spends one night with his new brother and everything changes

The adopted dog spends one night with his new brother and everything changes

Dogs are among the most affectionate animals on the globe. They do not, however, always get the same amount of adoration in come back.

Meet Hedgie, a dog raised in a poorly functioning household. He spent the majority of his kittenhood tied to a pole and ignored.

As a result, he established a trauma that left him extremely nervous and frightened.

Even after being adopted by a loving family, he was plagued by anxiousness.

He still had to conceal under tables in his new home. Mason, the family’s son, was the only one who could assist him and whom the dog eventually decided to confide.

Mason realised that the only way he could help the dog was to form a strong bond with him. He took the easy route and let Hedgie sleep in the same bed as him.

It also worked!

After a few nights of close companionship, Hedgie was transformed. He stopped hiding from everyone, and he and Mason became best friends.

Shortly he began to have health problems.

He wasn’t able to eat, so the family decided to take him to the vet. The dog was diagnosed with megaesophagus.

This is an esophageal swelling that causes problem eating. The veterinarians recommended either intensive care with constant monitoring or euthanasia.

Of course, the family was opposed to euthanasia. Despite the difficulties, the family devoted all of their spare time to caring for Hedgie.

Hedgie, fortunately, is now in good hands and has a bright future and a long life with a loving family.

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