This caring, with one blind eye cat holds a single kitten and hopes for a long and happy life

Everyone wishes them both of a long and happy life.

A cat with one blind eye kept her only kitten safe in the room. She wishes them both of a long and happy life.

Remille, a striped cat, was saved from a cat colony on a farm in Montreal, Canada.

Remille arrived in Chatons Orphelins in Montreal with a blurred eye, which turned out to be blind.

She was leather and bones, weighed only three pounds and was half as much as it should have been. The veterinarian found that she was pregnant.

She recovered and began to gain weight with the help of a caring foster family and the abundance of food.

The sweet cat did not take much time to regain confidence and start playing like a kitten again.

Her hosting guardians showered her adoration.

And Remille suddenly left its sink and began to demand hugs.

As a result, Remille gave birth to four kittens.

But only one survived that was shocking.

Until the mother had the desire to have babies, a single baby had to feed every two hours.

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