This cat appeared quite normal as a kitten, but later it abruptly changed into a human face

A cat just looked like a human

The majority of the time, a pet’s resemblance to its owner is restricted to personality and behaviors. It went considerably farther in the case of this particular kitten, though, as the 2-month-old feline appears to have a human face with enhanced hairiness attached to her body. Valkyrie is her name.

Many Internet users have pointed out how strikingly similar the cat’s face is to the human face and have even speculated that the owners may have used Photoshop.

And if it wasn’t too obvious right away, over time Valkyrie changed her appearance and became plainly more in tune with human emotions. Check it out yourself!

Valkyrie initially appeared to be a typical kitten.

and weighed as usual.

But when the cat grew older, it was clear that she had an odd appearance.

Many users said Valkyrie resembled a human exactly.

She also doesn’t appear to be enjoying being caught on video.

The cat’s owner Tatyana Rastorgueva, who runs the Catsvill County cattery, posted a video of the animal online.

The kitten’s attractiveness and similarity to actor Ron Perlman were both highlighted on the internet.

And when Valkyrie drank a reverse potion, some people said it made them think of Hermione Granger.

Of course, a cat with such a distinctive appearance has no shortage of prospective owners, so Valkyrie will delight her new owners once she turns 4 months old.

One of the most popular breeds nowadays is the Maine Coon. Adult cats can grow to a height of 41 cm, and their overall length can exceed 120 cm, making them the largest domestic cats. The cats of Maine, in the United States, are said to be the breed’s ancestors.

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