This cat engages in highly entertaining charity fundraising

 This cat engages in highly entertaining charity fundraising

The cat raises money for charity in an incredibly fun way

When he was about 6 months old, the street-walking business cat was discovered. After a brief stay at a shelter, his residence was transformed into the GuRuStu office. He was brought in to handle a variety of minor bugs and uninvited cellar occupants. He was a master at it! He immediately assimilated into the workforce, moving around with other people, climbing on keyboards, and using laptops that belonged to unaware owners to write emails. But it also came out that the cat had a truly amazing skill! This talent led to the cat’s being given the moniker Bankot.

GuRuStu, a marketing firm in Tulsa, Oklahoma, managed to tame Bankot.

He did not take long to convince his coworkers of his value to the group.

Stuart, the company’s manager, noticed one day that money started appearing at the front door of the business. Every day, at least a few bills would appear there.

It is unknown how it all started, but it came out that common people on the street would play with dollar bills with the cat through a door breach, and Bankot would capture the money with his tenacious paw and take them inside.

There are many homeless persons in the area of the company’s headquarters since there are several charitable organizations that offer them a variety of services.

As a result, the lads quickly determined where to send the cash that the cunning Bankot was extorting. To entice more people to donate money to the furry entrepreneur, they even posted a special message on the door.

The office staff isn’t bothered by visitors; instead, they gladly play with the cat and donate the money to charity.

Despite the fact that Bankot views everything as a game, he is exceedingly helpful to those who are less fortunate. This two-year-old cat has made up to $100 so far, and he has no plans to stop.