This cat is a caring mother: a blind cat who has been looking for a house all her life leads a family to her kittens

An elderly couple found a homeless cat near the house.

Throughout her life, in search of a cozy house, a blind cat led a family to her three kittens.

Coastal Bend Cat Rescue (CBCR) in Corpus Christi, Texas, was contacted late last month about a four-cat family in need of a foster home.

An elderly couple found a homeless cat near the house.

During the usual visit to their house, their son noticed that the cat’s eyes were closed with a crust.

He followed the friendly striped and was amazed to see three small kittens under her supervision.

They greeted them with open arms as soon as they had a suitable reception house.

Two kittens had very low weight and symptoms of the disease of the upper respiratory tract.

They found that the cat did not have normal eye tissue, and it was completely blinded when its discharge from the eyes improved.

Thanks to safe, warm beds and medical care, kittens restored the appetite and began to gain weight.

Mom’s key closely watched kittens whenever they were taken out of a cube for weighing.

She made sure her offspring returned to the nest and her loving embrace as soon as possible.

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