This cat is officially the longest in the world. He surprises everyone with his stunning look

Cat’s stunning look

I give you Barivel! The huge Italian Maine Coon from Vigevano.

He was formally recognized as the longest domestic cat in the Guinness Book of Records (120cm).

He appears oversized thanks to the enormous Maine Coons.

His owners never imagined their tiny cat would grow to be such a large animal.

However, they had little idea that the infant would exalt them in this manner.

The idea of such attention being paid to Barivel’s personality does not excite him all that much. He is really humble.

He’s more keen on regular cat business.

Barivel enjoys traveling in a baby carriage as well. He is a rather slothful cat, yes.

He impresses everyone who passes by with this unusual behavior.

Being loved and respected by such a great giant makes his masters happy. They also adore him and show him unwavering devotion and love.

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