This dog appears tremendously joyful and content, and the cause of that emotion is absurdly simple

The dog is really joyful

Even a straightforward store might make your mind spin if you’re extremely young and yet curious about the world around you. She therefore couldn’t contain her joy when Zira, the cutest corgi, and her person entered the large store. Her contagious grin from ear to ear and the joy in her adorable puppy eyes are hitting the internet by storm. She will, we can tell you, make your day happier as well.

Little Zira was thrilled to see her at a straightforward supermarket, which is hard to put into words.

Zira’s owner quips, “As she leaned on the front of the cart, getting her first glance at the immensity surrounding her, she reminded us of Rose from Titanic.”

Zira is only 4 months old, so she constantly seeks out something to chew on and adores receiving new toys.

It seems that Target is a favorite among many cute small things, not only Zira. The comments section of the post about Zira has seen a lot of images that are similar. It’s Jake here.

Cats enjoy shopping as well.

Meyer, who also appears to be a very happy shopper, is shown below.

But not all establishments allow pets, and not all animals are as content as Zira. When loading your small pal into the cart, use caution!

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