This dog shown great loyalty and love by standing in front of the coffin of his deceased human

A faithful dog and his owner

This Coker Spaniel is convincing proof that animals frequently have deeper emotional reserves than some humans. The dog wouldn’t come out of the coffin during the burial, demonstrating his unshakable devotion to his owner who had died after the earthquake in Italy.

On August 24 of this year, a massive earthquake that struck early in Italy left a big number of people dead or injured. This tragic sight has moved many people and sparked a lot of conversation on social media.

His human, Andrea Cossu, was thought to be 45 years old and reside in Accumoli, one of the cities most severely damaged by the earthquake. Their family claims that Andrea Cossu and this priceless puppy were inseparable best buddies. They were very affectionate with one another.

Cossu captured the touching moment in which the dog decides to lie down on the side of the coffin while he was at a sports hall before the funeral.

After the earthquake, which had a Richter scale intensity of 6.2, search teams are still looking for additional bodies in the city’s ruins.

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