This dog walked 19 miles and swam 6 miles to get back to her adoring family

A dog walked 19 miles to get back to her family

Rylee, a dog from Illinois in the United States, accidentally fell into Lake Michigan over the weekend. Despite the terrifying situation, Rylee was able to swim 6 miles and walk 19 miles to get home and is now safe.

Edward Casas and his wife Kristin, Rylee’s humans, decided to spend some quality time together by going sailing on their boat for a while on the lake.

According to Casas, Rylee allegedly fell overboard when he was fixing a technical problem and his wife was in charge of steering.

Casas quickly sent out a distress signal on the boat’s radio after realizing the dog was missing. Later, they made contact with a number of help stations, including the coast guard crew that searched for Rylee for hours without result.

The problem was technical. After about ten minutes of working on it outside, we returned to find that it had been fixed. She was not contained by the boat or the sea.

A request for help in finding Rylee was made thanks to a friend of Casas’s named Lynn Fiedor, who is the administrator of the Lost Dog Search Team Facebook page, which is committed to assisting all lost dogs find their families.

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