This dog was abandoned due to his “ugly” look, but after he was adopted by a new family, that is how he changed

The dog had an “ugly” look, but then he was changed

Meet Bo Tox, a Labrador dog with a muzzle deformity who, throughout his life, struggled to find owners and maintained a regular attitude. Until he met Jamie Halit, his genuine companion and soulmate.

Bo was born like way because the other five puppies squeezed him too tightly when he was inside his mother. But his intelligence and warmth were unaffected by his looks.

“The people with whose dog he was born could not sell it because of his face abnormality,” claims Jamie.

— That is why they provided it without charge. Bo ended up with a man who ignored him as a result; the dog was depressed, ill, and covered in parasites when rescuers discovered him after living on the streets for five years.

Bo’s situation was touched by Jamie, and she made the decision to give him another opportunity. I couldn’t care less how ill he was. Simply put, I didn’t want him to visit the shelter once again. I desired for him to own a home. I acquired him directly from the previous owner because of this.

Jamie could relate to Bo because she was an orphan herself.

Bo required extensive medical care, but he eventually made a full recovery. He has since become Riley’s younger brother and is now a beloved member of a family. Despite having a seven-year age gap, they became the best of friends.

Even Riley, a 13-year-old Riley, finds him to be full of life and fun.

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