This dog was deemed unadoptable by the shelter, but it proved them wrong

The dog was deemed unadoptable by the shelter

Someone at an animal shelter in California, USA, chastised this small puppy for being too aggressive and claimed that because the stray animal was so brave, it could not be housed in a standard cage there. After the shelter workers decided it was not worth the risk, Lola was subsequently placed between two cages.

According to Lola’s current human, Nicola Grice, the staff members shied away from taking chances with Lola because they thought she was too violent. But Lola managed to overcome the obstacles. Nicola lives in British Columbia, Canada.

She heard about the young girl’s condition from a rescue group and decided to give Lola a chance.

One of the first things this tiny Chihuahua did after leaving the shelter in 2013 was act in a way that was completely at odds with what the shelter had observed of her.

As Nicole said:

The first time I took her there, she passed out in our vet’s arms.

When Lola arrived home, a young Chihuahua named Chip, who had also been rescued from a shelter, was there. The two of them hit it off right away.

Contrary to what other dogs at the shelter thought, Lola turned out to be a really devoted dog. Years later, though, Lola unexpectedly found herself in a similar life-threatening circumstance, only this time, she was fighting a terrible illness rather than being in a shelter.

Lola fell asleep as she was getting ready for bed at the beginning of May. The veterinarian immediately sent Lola to the hospital and diagnosed her condition as hemolytic anaemia, which causes her body to attack its own red blood cells.

After exerting so much effort to find a home, Lola was destined to suffer a very unfortunate conclusion.

Even though she was broke, Nicola did everything she could to make sure that Lola received the greatest care and had the best chance of surviving because she was not going to let her puppy be taken away.

Lola embarked on an expedition that involved blood transfusions, drugs, testing, and more tests. The infant is a powerful foe.

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