This dog was raised in a chicken coop and is now finally free

The dog spent 13 years confined with 300 other dogs

Jag has spent the most of his 13 years confined with 300 other dogs in a poultry coop in Maryland, in the United States. They were all in bad shape when Last Chance Animal Rescue’s rescuers found them.

They had no access to fresh water or the outside, and some of them had hair that was so matted that it made it difficult for them to walk or move. Jag is believed to have been the group’s oldest dog overall given his likely long life.

Jag’s adoptive parents advised him to return since it was too difficult. It seemed like Jag would never be able to find a temporary home, much less a permanent one, until he met Micah Larsen Brannon, the owner of numerous rescue pets, and Shep, the dog whose eyes were severed as a result of cruelty.

Micah was a volunteer at the rescue shelter when Jag’s foster family took him back, it turns out. Micah said, “I couldn’t bear the thought of him being alone in the office at night, so I brought him home to take care of him.”

Given that she already has three rescue dogs living with her, Jag is an excellent match. He has had little human interaction and has spent much of his life surrounded by dogs, so he finds comfort in his siblings and enjoys being with them.

Micah said, “He doesn’t understand or respect human interaction.” He would rather be alone or with other dogs. Even if it’s hard not to love him, we respect his qualities.

A week after entering his new foster home, Jag began having seizures as a result of the brain damage he sustained in his previous life. Given Jag’s age, personality, and epilepsy, Micah decided to adopt him because he knew it would be very challenging for Jag to find an adoptive home.

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