This dog’s change has been radical after being submerged in 35 pounds of hair and dirt

The poor dog was saved and all changed

It was amazing how much filth and waste was in Lázaro’s shack in the barn, where he was imprisoned. This dog had a rough life and was coated in 35 pounds of hair, but all changed when he was saved.

When Lázaro’s owner was told they had a terminal disease, a neighbour asked Jessica Kincheloe and a groomer for help in getting the dog the treatment they required.

“From the sight of the dog and the door, it seemed like a considerable time had gone,” the dog groomer who looked after Lázaro and requested anonymity stated.

Lazarus weighed well over 35 pounds when they found him after removing the incredible amount of dirty hair that had covered him before they were saved from the barn.

After shearing the hair below his neck, Lazaro “calmed down and began to realise that this was helping him feel better,” according to Kincheloe.

“He didn’t feel naturally touched, yet he felt comfortable being touched by others. We clicked with him immediately away. Especially after handing out candy,” asserts Kincheloe.

As of right now, Lázaro is living in a foster home in Virginia while he prepares to be adopted by a family forever who will shower him with all the love he deserves. Lázaro took over control of the Big Fluffy Dog Rescue organisation.

Jean Harrison, the founder of Big Fluffy Dog Rescue, claims that Lazarus is still adjusting to his new life. Even his walking gait feels strange to him.

For instance, Harrison recalled how Lázaro once “went cautiously over to a fresh grilled steak, this seemed very sad to us.” But as soon as he realized what was going on, he was overjoyed to be able to eat that meat.


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