This dog’s eternal gratitude to the guy for saving it from being put to sleep

The dog was grateful to his owner

Shanley Hutson Kirk became aware that something needed to be done when she spotted a picture of a dog named Gregory on the list for sleep at the Franklin County Shelter in Ohio.

A beagle dog was discovered on the street, a little scruffy but otherwise in fair shape. Gregory was probably formerly a pet who was either lost or ejected by his owner. The dog needed to be treated before looking for a new home because it lacked a chip and the worm test came back positive.

Nevertheless, Gregory’s care would have cost the local animal shelter $400, thus a deadline was set within which Gregory had to secure funding or an owner; else, he would have been put to death.

Given that the dog’s death was planned for May 3 and that this notification was released at the end of April, possible rescuers had a very short window of opportunity.

Gregory was fortunate that Shenley Hutson Kirk saw his photo and narrative and promptly informed her husband Joe about the puppy. A tiny, privately run hound dog shelter was founded by Shanley and Joe. The dog appeared to understand that these folks had come to protect him from death as soon as they made the decision to take Gregory to their home. When Gregory saw Joe in his cage, he grinned widely.

«My hubby Joe took a day off work expressly to visit the shelter and purchase a dog. He also snapped some pictures while having a dog seated next to him in the front seat on the way home. And based on these images, the dog seemed genuinely appreciative to Joe for saving him.

The dog extended out the entire length of the leash and wanted to sit close to the man’s shoulder, softly caressing his paw, but Joe caught Gregory by the leash and secured him in the rear seat of the car. Then, with such gentleness and sincerity, he brushed his face against his shoulder. At the sight of this display, even the most heartless person’s heart would melt.

Joe heard Little Gregory exclaim, “I believe you spared me from death today. If not for you, I would have soon perished in the refuge. His eyes showed a wide spectrum of emotions, including love and appreciation.

Gregory never stops enjoying life and is now content to rest in Kirk’s home. The dog is highly loving, very domestic, and well-behaved, according to the owners.

Gregory is currently having a dose of antibiotics, and after him, his extensive worm treatment will start.


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