This elderly dog greets people by strolling over 7 kilometers each day

 This elderly dog greets people by strolling over 7 kilometers each day

A dog every day greets people

Bruno, a senior dog who looks younger than his likely 12-year-old age, lives with Larry and Debbie LaVallee in Longville, Minnesota (United States). Bruno loves to spend time with his family, but he also has a lot of friends whom he has to see every day.

On his four-mile journey into town, Bruno has been saying hello to people for more than ten years. Bruno frequents many offices and shops, including the town hall, library, ice cream parlor, and many others, where he is always greeted and given food by staff.

Larry acquired Bruno when he was just a puppy after finding him abandoned. It turned out that a man who believed the dog belonged to the residents and had been lost appeared at the door of Larry’s home clutching it.

The small child, however, was just a stray canine and had nothing to do with Larry or his neighbors. However, Larry decided to keep it the moment he saw it.

He visits people so frequently that he has become known as the „recognized dog“ in the city and even has a Facebook page created in his honor.

Longville locals are helping to keep their „ambassador dog“ safe. Some individuals will even pick him up from work and drive him home, especially as he ages.

Larry did everything he could to keep Bruno from running away when he was a puppy, but in the end he decided to let the animal go on outings. Larry became accustomed to the locals‘ astonishment when he instructed them to let Bruno go because he could have just as easily come home on his own when they called to report they had discovered his dog.