This is great: the beautiful and glorious life of Picasso the wild horse of America

Speaking of wild horses, a bright symbol of history immediately comes to mind.

If so, then you probably know Mustang – the legend of American history, personifying human freedom. Speaking of wild horses, we immediately think about the bright symbol of the free history of the West in general and America in particular.

One of the most famous wild horses that still exist in America, and a special wild horse, symbolizing the spirit of their breed, is the name of Picasso. He wandered in the wild most of his life – three decades. Its popularity came from scratches on the skin. However, this does not prevent him from being as beautiful as a canvas.

Picasso wild horse

Picasso survived extreme weather conditions, from snowstorms to an extremely hot summer in the endless desert of Colorado. These are battles requiring great courage, strength and perseverance.

Wild horses in Sand Wash Basin

Tourists from all over the world come to Colorado to admire the wild and free horse Picasso. It cannot be denied that with his influence there is no other horse similar to him! The horse is the embodiment of strength and freedom and represents wild horses better than any other horse.

Michelangelo wild horse Picasso

However, in the winter of 2018, Picasso’s health has deteriorated sharply. He is very thin and weak. Fans even believed that they would never see him again. However, in early spring, Picasso reappeared with an unexpected rebound. Despite this, Picasso lived a long life. When he dies, he will be alone.

Picasso and Spirit Dancer wild horses

Many people around the world offered to take care of Picasso in the last days of his life, but Picasso belongs to the wild and he is happy to live in his “house”. He still lives very well in the present. I hope that there will be another person in the world who loves Picasso, and it’s you!

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